Tilver Company

New Tilverton Kadrath

The Tilverton Kardrath is the name of the Purple Dragons garrisoned in Tilverton. Alusair chose Sir Marren Hart as Lionar overseeing the stationed soldiers. His task is to ensure the safety of the frontier town and the two main trade routes heading out of Cormyr. In furtherance of this goal Sir Marrren has ordered four fortifications to be built along the North Ride. Keeping an ear to the street, is also important, which is why a number of knights are infiltrating nefarious operations around town.

Sir Marren’s Second in Command is a fiercely loyal red head named Dame Carthesis. With a fiery personality and determination, she takes care of the day to day tasks of running the Order. She can make command decisions when the company master is not around. Under sub-commander are 4 platoons of men with 45 men each. Only Tilver’s Gap Platoon and Mindreaver’s Rock Platoon are garrisoned in the city, the other detachments are guarding the trade routes. Of the two outfits in the community, only Tilver’s Gap Platoon actively patrols the streets. Mindreaver’s Rock platoon protects the surrounding areas, and is also in charge of security for The Lord’s Manor and The Castle.


Tilver Company

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