Sune's Favored


Dorgan Mongothsbeard
Gnome Cleric of Sune (leader)

Sen Silvershaper
Halfling Rogue

Jhulae of Amn
Human Wizard
(formerly of the Cowled Wizards)

Aeron Mindreaver
Half-Elf Soulknife

Sune’s favored was an adventuring company operating in the lands of Cormyr. Their charter was signed by none other than the Purple Dragon himself, King Azoun IV, in Hammer of the Year of the Turret. There first task was to stand alongside the Purple Dragon lines during the battles against the Tuigan Horde. According to members of the party, their involvement was instrumental to the defeat of the Horde at Phsant, although no specifics have ever been given.

For quite a time, Sune’s Favored cavorted about Cormyr and the wider realms looking for fame, wealth and power, in other words being right good bullyblades. The status of the company rose with every monster filled dungeon and bandit filled ruin they cleared, and they gained great esteem across Cormyr and the neighboring kingdoms for their effective daring do. Rumors even began to swirl about the Forest Kingdom that King Azoun was considering knighting the group for their years of loyal service to the crown. Unfortunately, true or not, the rumor never came to pass, and the memeber’s of Sune’s Favored were never knighted.

During the Year of the Unstrung Harp Sune’s Favored met the unfortunate end of their glory. During the Goblin Wars the company was tasked with breaking through the enemy lines and demoralizing them during their assault on Eveningstar, a task they failed. Thankfully for the people of Eveningstar, Tessaril Winter, their leader, was able to route the attackers and save the city. The member’s of Sune’s favored were never able to live down the shame however, and ended up a third rate adventuring company operating out of Tyrluk, helping to rebuild after the destruction wrought during the Goblin Wars.

Although at the height of their popularity, would be adventurers from across the kingdom wanted to join, Sune’s Favored never accepted any new members; the original four members who founded the organization were the only members the organization ever had. And so it was, that during that fateful journey in Flamerule of the Year of Lightning Storms, those four were the only ones to perish when the party met it’s grizzly end. Duped and captured by an unknown kobold necormancer, they were tortured and killed each in turn, those remaining forced to watch as hours stretched into days and their friends were sent to meet their respective gods. Only Aeron Mindreaver was spared; left alive so that he might be the first to test the necromancer’s latest diabolical plan. By mere chance, Aeron was found, badly beaten and barely alive, by the rivals of Sune’s Favored.

Sune's Favored

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