Knights of New Tilverton

On the 16th of Eleasias in the Year of Lightning Storms, Princess Alusair Nacacia Obarskyr, regent of Cormyr, in recognition of their incalculable contributions to the realm, knighted five wildblades—Aeron Mindreaver, Grageon Kittentouch, Van Krenswick, Lythar the rogue, Branyonne Cormaeril (posthumously)—Knights of New Tilverton, bestowing upon them all of the lands and titles that designation implies.


Aeron Mindreaver
Current leader of New Tilverton, Lord
Original Member

Worshiper of Gond
Lord of New Tilverton
Lord of Shadowdale (Azalar Falconhand, regent)
Appointed by Grageon Kittentouch

Powerful Shaman
Advisor to Aeron
Joined in Eleint 1374 DR

Tribal Barbarian
Joined in Hammer 1375 DR

Sir Marren Hart
Purple Dragon Knight, Lionar
Regent Appointed Garrison Commander
Joined in Tarsakh 1375 DR

Lythar the rogue
Lord of New Tilverton
Missing, Presumed Dead
No Successor
Original Member

Grageon Kittentouch
Former Lord of New Tilverton
Departed on a Mysterious Quest
Succeeded by Cliff
Original Member

Van Krenswick
Former Purple Dragon
Lord of New Tilverton
Killed while Returning from the Plane of Shadow
No Successor
Original Member

Branyonne Cormaeril
Devotee of Chauntea
Lord of New Tilverton, Posthumously
Original Member

The five original members were knighted following their defeat of the Abraxus Guild and their Cyric worshiping leadership. It was during the group’s capture and torment at the hands of the guild that Tymora smiled on the weary adventurer’s, allowing them to bring down the notorious organization. This victory did not come free, however. Branyonne Cormaeril was forced to forfeit his own life, giving his companions much needed time to flee. Thusly, in spite of the Cormaeril family’s history with the crown Branyonne was knighted, posthumously, for his bravery.

Following these events, the group set out to Wheloon at the behest of a Mystran cleric who was worried about the practices of the new temple built outside of the city. During their investigations the Knights uncovered a dastardly plot by Sharrans to subvert the local populace. After cleansing the temple, the adventurers set out to the Plane of Shadow in pursuit of the Sharrans leadership. Although they were not able to catch up to the leader, the Knights did considerable damage to the cult’s activities in Cormyr.

The return from the Plane of Shadow did not go as well as planned. Van Krenswick arrived in the Prime Material Plane a lifeless corpse, and Lythar did not arrive at all. Shortly after returning Grageon chose to leave the Knights, departing upon a quest of spiritual awakening. He bestowed his title to an Avenger of Gond by the name of Cliff. Aside from Grageon’s assurances little is known about this mysterious warrior.

At this time another man approached the party, his disheveled appearance and strange behavior marking him as one touched with madness. In spite of his countenance and bearing, the man approached without hesitation, calling Aeron by name and throwing himself upon the lord’s mercy. During his brief moments of lucidity the man, Donnathan, possessed an insight and wisdom unparalleled by any yet in Aeron’s companionship, and his great effectiveness in combat could certainly not be denied. In spite of his fears that Donnathan might have been touched by the Mad God, he was allowed membership with the Knights.

The members of the Knights of New Tilverton, both new and old, set off to Shadowdale to continue the pursuit of the leaders of the false Mystran cult, stopping briefly in New Tilverton for the first time since being knighted. Shadowdale had been overrun with agents of the Zhentarim, her defenders kept busy with other matters in foreign lands, and all of the suggestions pointed to these two organizations being connected in some way. With the aid of Mikas Koltar the knights were able to defeat the woman they sought, Esvele Greycastle, and free the dale. With the Pendant of Ashaba in hand, Cliff claimed leadership of the dale, leaving Azalar Falconhand to rule as regent in his stead.

Although the Knights had found and executed their quarry, a larger plot was uncovered. A connection between Esvele Greycastle and the Shadovar of Thultanthar, specifically Hadrhune right hand of High Prince Telamont. In an effort to further subvert Mystra’s Weave Hadruhune sought a copy of the Nether Scrolls in the form of the Quess’Ar’Teranthvar that had been stolen from Windsong Tower in the city of Myth Drannor. In order to track down the stolen artifact, the Knights were forced to travel the continent of Faerûn from one end to the other. During these journey’s the knights met with Duhdum, allowing him to join their ranks.

A final showdown came in the desert of Anauroch. Here Hadrhune was planning on converting the Quess’Ar’Teranthvar back into the metal scrolls with which he was familiar. If he was successful, the Shade would have access to magic not seen on Toril since the fall of ancient Netheril. Thankfully for the realms at large, the Knights of New Tilverton were able to stop this mad scheme. Using the Chalice of Amaunatar, uncovered along their travels, the Knights destroyed the Quess’Ar’Teranthvar before the Nether Scrolls could be reformed. Hadrhune was killed by the Knights while attempting to stop them from ruining his plans.

Knights of New Tilverton

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