Tag: Human


  • Mikas Koltar

    He joined the party in Shadowdale on a quest to find his Sister captured by the dark elves for their evil rituals. No sign was ever found of his sister, but Mikas stays with the party in hopes that someday he might learn what happened to his sister.

  • Sir Marren

    Much a public figure, Sir Marren Hart, has meteorically risen through the ranks of the elite Cormyrn Purple Dragons. After proving his mettle by leading a wing of Purple Dragons in the recapture of Arbel and not losing a single man, Marren was promoted to …

  • Donnathan

    Donnathan was at one time the spiritual advisor for a human tribal cheiftan in the Savage Frontier, however one day a strange and new spirit came to him begging and pleading with him to travel to Corymr and find a man named Aeron Mindreaver. Donnathan had …