Tag: Feat


  • Shape Mind Blade

    p{text-indent:22px;margin:0}. *Prerequisites:* Soulknife, _mind blade_ class feature p{text-indent:22px;margin:0}. *Benefit:* Choose a melee weapon. You can now manifest your mind blade as if it were that weapon, replacing the statistics of your mind …

  • Mind Reamer

    p{text-indent:22px;margin:0}. *Prerequisites:* Soulknife, Psychic Strike class feature p{text-indent:22px;margin:0}. *Benefit:* The extra damage dice from your Psychic Strike class feature increase from d6s to d8s.

  • Free Form

    p{margin:0;text-indent:22px}. *Prerequisites:* Soulknife, _mind blade_ class feature p{margin:0;text-indent:22px}. *Benefit:* You can create a mind blade as part of the same action used to attack with the weapon.