Saturdays of Slaughter

Marren's Journal

Marren’s Journal

11 Ches, 1375

Arrived in New Tilverton to assume post. Suspect treasonous plot. Sent Alonius, Frakes, and Drewe to uncover plot. Expect success. Location scouting for Fort of the Gap successful; construction will begin promptly.

13 Tarsakh, 1375

Lost contact with engineering patrol scouting for the Woodsfort; 15 dead, including two engineers. Sent courier to Suzail for replacements. Will be organizing a rescue effort quickly. No word on infiltrators yet. Expect results soon. Work on tactical re-adjustment of street layout is progressing admirably.

15 Tarsakh, 137

Lord Aeron returned to New Tilverton today. Pageboy Joseph misunderstood message he delivered to me, and was whipped half a dozen times for it. Discussed missing minors; made joke. It went over well. Yeoman Tiberious came in crazed; was subdued, brought to High Priest Normin of the Temple of Helm. Expected to make full recovery. The Lord wished to interview several merchants who had knowledge of people going missing. Learned that the Prince of Lies is involved, along with many spiders. Must remember to pack antivenom when we fly there tomorrow.

16 Tarsakh 1377

Recovered all of my of missing men, save two who died as results of combat – Recruits Belinor and Daweson. A true loss. I will send a letter to their families and include one platinum scale each. Two Cyrician cultists were slain, and their heads mounted outside of the forest. We are preparing to head inside the forest to eliminate the rest of the cult.

+1,400 GP
-20 GP for ‘dearly regret’ letters.


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