Hadarai Kithbane

Steward of New Tilverton


This Eladrin is a former purple knight and now oversees the day to day workings of Tilverton under the authority of Lord Aeron Mindreaver.

Hadarai’s service record:
Hadarai joined the Purple Dragons to fight against Arabel’s rebellion. Due to his cool and calm temperament during the battle Hadarai was soon promoted to make better use of his leadership skills.

Hadarai would then be transferred to Marsember where he spent much of his career, slthough he did slowly climb the ranks he constantly felt that his human peers were being favored for promotion leaving him bitter and resentful.

Hadarai would ride out with Azoun the fourth to fight the Tuigians, in his second large military campaign of his career. It was at this time that word reached him of his father’s assassination. His father a ambassador for the and the reason for his assassination has never been discovered. Hadarai’s step-brother would take his fathers place as the ambassador and he kept much of the estate leaving Hadarai with only enough to take care of his mother.

During the year of rogue dragons Hadarai was attacked by a green dragon while on patrol and was gravely wounded, luckily a younger purple knight came to his aid slaying the beast. Hadarai was soon shifted from active duty to administrative duty due to the injuries that he sustained, and it was not long until he left active duty all together.

He has recently been contacted on behalf of Lord Mindreaver due to a long line of incompetent town managers. His acceptance of the job has been part of a massive renaissance for the town of New Tilverton and his management skills has allowed Lord Mindreaver and companions to focus on their important tasks without needing to constantly manage the affairs of Tilverton.

Hadarai Kithbane

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