Donnathan was at one time the spiritual advisor for a human tribal cheiftan in the Savage Frontier, however one day a strange and new spirit came to him begging and pleading with him to travel to Corymr and find a man named Aeron Mindreaver. Donnathan had never felt such a strong emotion exibited by the spirits he communed with that he decided that this task was the most important thing in his life, he packed up his few belongings and began his journey, barely sleeping and becoming like a man driven to the brink; while he had been used to communing with spirits they all seemed much more active and much more demanding of him.

During this trip he would wake from what little sleep he had to find himself miles away from where he had made camp, his cloths torn and dirtier than normal. There were branches snarled throughout his hair but he could not stop and rest and clean himself, the demands of the spirit were nonstop, it would continue on for days at a time about what must be done, and other voices gathered so that Dannathan’s mind became a never ending cacophony of voices all talking at once. In his dreams he would see great hunting cats stalking through the wilderness looking to cut down men with no faces who dissolved into shadow when struck.

The experiences from this drove him to the brink of madness and soon he could not tell the difference between what happened in his mind and what happened in the physical world. His mind was filled with foreign thoughts and his attention was fleeting and darting. A paranoid voice always lurked in his mind and he could no longer tell if it was his own or one of the spirits. He would travel with only the spirits as companions and he soon found that in his new form he was shunned by most civilized people, who regarded him with fear as he would mutter and yell to himself.

By the time he had meet Aeron he had become something unrealizable form what he was before, he now advised of the use of farm animals as a testing instrument for political skills, and he would rest in the form of a large oak tree. In Tilverton he was soon given a wide berth due to his tenancy to run up to citizens and servants and scream gibberish at them. While he still has lucid moments from time to time, he frequently is given to following the whims of the spirits that he claims to command. This had lead to him becoming unreasonably focused on unimportant minutia which he will talk about at length or to seemingly blank out and forget long periods of time requiring his associates to explain what had happened. His insanity has peaked with his recent adoption of a small wild woodland critter who he allows to live in his hair.


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