Belmeira Blacksilver

An little old lady with glazed eyes and a stiff walk, though she seems more powerful than she looks.


Dressed in a simple white gown, long white gloves, and black leather boots, Belmeira does not cut an imposing figure. She has long white hair that seems full and lustrous. Although she never seems to pay attention to what is around her, she is never surprised, and shows no lack of speed or strength when it is called for.


Belmeira was a beautiful wizardess 17 years ago during the time of troubles. She was distressed by the events taking place and wished to know when it would end and what the future held so she cast a divination about the future, however instead just viewing the future she lived through 150 years. Disappearing in Eleasias she did not reappear until Marpenoth 15. She had aged so much barely anyone could recognize her. From then on she seemed detached from the world and would often talk about the coming of the Blue Flame.

Belmeira Blacksilver

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