Aurus Blackstar

Middle-aged half-elf with a leather cap and small glasses.


Aurus is neat and clean, likely magically so. He wears a tan suit that was tailored to fit him perfectly. He has a leather cap that covers his neatly trimmed hair. His finely groomed goatee wars with his obviously elven features, and makes him seem distinguished.


Born to a lower-class family and being raised in poverty meant that his talent were usually overlooked as many street-side performers are forgotten by the next block down. By Tymora’s luck he saved the life of a wizard from a stampeding ox. The grateful wizard agreed to teach the boy and from then on Aurus swore to never go back to the slum from which he overcame. He acts the part of a noble, but he never really got over his heritage.

Aurus Blackstar

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