Saturdays of Slaughter

Marren's Private Journal IV

How can they hound me here? They can not! Black roses? A coincidence, and nothing else. Though…if it is true, I can not lose this chance. I have put the entire city on lockdown. No one leaves the city. If one of them is here, they will not leave. Alive, that is.

And then there is this matter with doppelgangers. They are deceitful, dishonest, dishonorable folk. All of them lay dead, save their leader. She will be brought forth to trial, and just sentence be given. Before that though, I must have a discussion with her on things.

If this was one of their plots, she will meet with an unfortunate accident.

On unrelated note, the sculptors in town delivered to me the completed piece I commissioned when I arrived – a stone marker bearing the eleven Knightly virtues. There are those in this town that need reminding of them. Unfortunately it seems with the loss of their guildhall, all of the sculptors seem to either be working for a new boss – a man whom I have not yet made the acquaintance of called Mr. Drucker – or have left the city. The price for my piece has thus gone higher. I pay the higher cost however, with no complaint. Honor and the Virtues should be spread to the masses.


Tarwaldien T_Dawg135

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